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76VP001 OXFORD DIECAST Volvo P1800 Red

76VP001 OXFORD DIECAST Volvo P1800 Red


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The Volvo P1800 was a two-door, two-passenger, front-engined, rear-drive sports car which Volvo produced as a coupé between 1961 and 1973, making a short sortie into a shooting brake version between 1972-73.

Its roots lay in the need for Volvo to produce a sports car to compete in the US and European markets. 

Project development was the brainchild of Volvo engineering consultant Helmer Petterson and the car was designed by his son Pelle Petterson. 

However, due to opposition from rivals who feared a drop in sales of their own cars, difficulties arose in actually getting a car manufacturer with the capacity to tool and build it.

Finally, Jensen Motors agreed to make an initial 10,000 in their Scottish plant for assembly at their West Bromwich factory. 

In 1963, production moved back to Sweden to Volvo’s Lundby plant, following which the car name was changed to 1800S and the badge on the car body changed accordingly.

 Despite engine upgrades over the years, the Volvo 1800 which also offered three gearbox options -  4-speed manual ; four speed with overdrive; or 3-speed automatic, only ever reached a top speed of118 mph and was deemed more of a high end tourer than a sportscar. However, during its lifetime, nearly 40,000 of the coupé version were sold and around 8000 of a 3-door sports estate model.

Volvo are noted for the longevity and reliability of their cars and it is interesting to note that in 2013, a P1800 in the hands of its original owner was acknowledged as the highest mileage private car in original ownership, having clocked up over three million miles.

This model of the P1800 makes its debut in bright red with lots of contrasting exterior chromework.  The interior features a black steering wheel and black interior. 

Registered RYN 480E from 1967, note that the 1800S logo, indicates its manufacture in Sweden post 1963.

The blue and silver Volvo badge sits on the front of the bonnet above the silver radiator grille.