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Please read the following notes for decoders:

  1. Check the decoder for mechanical damage before installing - we cannot accept responsibility for damage after a decoder is installed.
  2. Please ensure the decoder is compatible with the motor in your loco.  Note Hornby TTS decoders are not suitable for motor control of older locomotives and should only be installed in the new locomotives.  We have found that DCC Ready does not equal TTS compatible.
  3. Please note once a decoder package is opened it cannot be returned for a refund.
  4. All decoders may require modification to CV values to optimise performance.
  5. The manufacturers warranty covers defect on decoders following installation by the user please email the manufacturers Technical Support Team for instructions on tests they require and details of the problem before they will issue a return authorisation.
  6. Any modifications to decoders including changing speakers invalidates the warranty
  7. Decoders may be damaged by static electricity which results in a failure at a later date

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