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Parkside Models

Parkside kits includes metal wheels, brass bearings and transfers 

Parkside Dundas was formed in 1986, when the two partners Richard Hollingworth and Andrew Hastie combined their businesses. Richard made plastic injection mouldings, mostly for the electronics industry, but had also started on his Parkside 4mm scale 00 gauge wagon kits. Andrew ran Dundas Models, which concentrated on 009 narrow gauge models and which had introduced the pioneering Dundas range of kits.

In the last two decades, Parkside Dundas has continued to steadily expand on its foundation 00 and 009 ranges, adding a small N gauge range as well as an ever-growing commitment to 7mm scale O gauge.
In 2017, the Parkside range of standard gauge kits was sold to PECO and is now produced at the Ratio and Wills factory at Buckfastleigh. 
PECO are updating the former Ratio rolling stock kits and selling them under the Parkside Models label.
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