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76TR4003 OXFORD DIECAST Triumph TR4 New White

76TR4003 OXFORD DIECAST Triumph TR4 New White


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An iconic British sports car from the 1960s, the Triumph TR4, is presented in a gleaming white with hood down showing a detailed black interior. 

 Registered FCH 541C from 1965, the fine detailing extends to the finely executed wire wheels, with a silver finish given to windscreen wipers, door handles and bumpers. 

The Triumph name and distinctive coloured badge are faithfully replicated on the front of the bonnet with the model type also printed in silver across the boot.

The Triumph TR4 was produced by the Triumph Motor Company between 1961 and 1965, during which time over 40,000 rolled off the production line, with assembly both in the UK and Australia. 

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, it comprised a 2-door roadster with a 4-speed full-synchromesh manual gear box, a top speed of 110 mph and a 2138cc engine. You could also have wind-down windows!

When it was launched in 1961, the TR4 cost £1095 and did 22.5 miles to the gallon.