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SL-45 PECO Automatic Warning System (AWS) Ramp

SL-45 PECO Automatic Warning System (AWS) Ramp


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The British Rail Automatic Warning System (AWS) is installed on major rail routes, and is designed to help the driver in the safe working of his train, especially in adverse weather conditions such as fog and falling snow.

The ramp is a protective cover for the equipment and is usually placed between the rails approximately 200 yards before the signals, the slope being at the leading end, for single line working, ramps are often placed back to back.

Detailed moulding of the ramp/protective cover for the Automatic Warning System used on British railway routes.

This dummy unit will add realism to your trackwork.

Recommended to be used with:

PECO 00/H0 Code 100 and Code 75 Streamline track systems