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76RS002 OXFORD DIECAST Reliant Scimitar MKII Northum

76RS002 OXFORD DIECAST Reliant Scimitar MKII Northum


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The British car manufacturer Reliant – possibly equally remembered for their famous and often lampooned Robin – produced one of the most iconic cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Scimitar GTE SE5 and further tuned SE5A.

While the Scimitar had been introduced in the mid 1960s when it – and every subsequent variation – was made with a fibreglass body mounted on a steel box frame chassis – it was the 1970s that really brought the sports car to the fore.

The Scimitar GTE SE5, designed by Tom Karen of Ogle Design, comprised a two door shooting brake which had been given a complete overhaul over its predecessors. Speed, performance and appearance became the order of the day and it was an instant success.  Selling at just over £1700, even Princess Anne had one!

This version is registered FOE 128L and is from 1972/73 during its heyday.

This Scimitar GTE SE5 is decorated in a metallic green colour scheme with mid tan seats and rear shelf with a light brown dashboard. External trim is silver including the bumpers, radiator, wheels and the Scimitar badge on the bonnet. The silver finish also extends to the GTE Overdrive Scimitar lettering on the rear offside section of the boot, above the light cluster. 

The Scimitar SE5/SE5a ceased production in 1975 when it was succeeded by an even more high end model, the SE6.