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PO510  Picnic Tables

PO510 Picnic Tables

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This pack contains a set of two 00/H0 scale outdoor rectangular tables and one round table.

They come with a variety of different umbrella designs, but the umbrella pole not included, and are designed to go alongside MEPO254 Village Shop and Cafe, and MEPO228 Coaching Inn.

These kits are a wonderful example of the new high standard of fidelity now achievable in card kit manufacturing. Using new laser-cutting technology each of these benches features very fine detail, yet still remain straight forward to assemble, following the clear instructions provided in the pack. Die-cut on coloured card the end result is particularly pleasing.

Looking for something to stick this kit together with? We recommend Deluxe Materials DLAD-57 Roket Card Glue. To help prevent unwanted glue spills when constructing it is advisable to use a MEMT907 Fine Glue Applicator Bottle.