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PO331 METCALFE Brick Single Track Engine Shed Kit - OO scale

PO331 METCALFE Brick Single Track Engine Shed Kit - OO scale


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Based on a Great Western style single engine shed, this engine shed has to be a favourite amongst modellers, and will therefore be seen on just about everyone's layout we are sure!

Stations on branchlines and cross-country routes will have had a small engine shed to house the local branchline or pick-up goods loco.

Extremely sturdy in its construction, the kits come complete with relief window sills and lintels, for extra reality. The design is pretty generic and will therefore look right on most modellers' layouts. This kit depicts a brick built version.

This model is detailed inside and out with a small workshop at the rear.

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Looking for something to stick this kit together with? We recommend Deluxe Materials DLAD-57 Roket Card Glue. To help prevent unwanted glue spills when constructing it is advisable to use a MEMT907 Fine Glue Applicator Bottle.