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PO330 METCALFE GWR Signal Box - OO scale

PO330 METCALFE GWR Signal Box - OO scale


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Metcalfe Models' Great Western Railway theme continues with the latest OO/HO kit and is based on the prototype at Bronwydd Arms

Please note, this kit builds into either a brick or stone finish signal box, as illustrated above.

It also contains a number of laser cut accessories that go together to form the steps and the superb timber relief around the top-half of the building. However, you might like to add a detailed MEPO580 Signal Box Interior.

A choice of finishes is include, which allows you to adapt the kit in order to be suitable with:

Looking for something to stick this kit together with? We recommend Deluxe Materials DLAD-57 Roket Card Glue. To help prevent unwanted glue spills when constructing it is advisable to use a MEMT907 Fine Glue Applicator Bottle.