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PO275 Low Relief Terraced House Fronts Stone

PO275 Low Relief Terraced House Fronts Stone

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This row of four half relief terraced house fronts are ideal for running along back drops where space is limited. You can make them stand alone by attaching them to our low relief house backs MEPO277.

They have been designed to stand alongside MEPO273 shop fronts.

These houses come with a lot of extra optional detailing, such as ground and first floor bay windows, dormer windows, front porches, and small front gardens with laser cut gates

The kit comes with self adhesive individual paving slabs (that match our MEPO210 Paving packs) giving a truly realistic touch to the street scene.

Terraced buildings you might consider in your street scene are:

  • MEPO262 Stone Terraced Houses
  • MEPO264 Stone Corner Shop
  • MEPO273 Low-relief Stone Shop Fronts
  • MEPO277 Low-relief Stone Terraced House Backs

Looking for something to stick this kit together with? We recommend Deluxe Materials DLAD-57 Roket Card Glue. To help prevent unwanted glue spills when constructing it is advisable to use a MEMT907 Fine Glue Applicator Bottle.