HORNBY: Following the closure of the Canadian Hornby importer in 2023 we have contacted Hornby numerous times to secure continued supply of Hornby products to supply our Canadian customers. Unfortunately Hornby steadfastly refuse to communicate with us. Regretfully we have concluded that Hornby has no desire to support the Canadian market. As stocks of Hornby products are exhausted we are replacing these products with products from other manufacturers.

PC25 PARKSIDE LNER 5 Plank Open Wagon -  includes metal wheels & transfers

PC25 PARKSIDE LNER 5 Plank Open Wagon - includes metal wheels & transfers


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Introduced in 1938, these wagons (diagram 1/120) were used for general traffic until the early 1970s. the LNER altered its design of vacuum fitted open wagons to conform more closely to the practise adopted by the other companies. It continued as a standard design until 1945, when it was given a steel body. These vehicles were common until the late 1960s, although some lasted longer on service department use.

Being equipped with the vacuum brake, they were suitable for express goods services.

These finely moulded plastic wagon kits come complete with pin point axle wheels and bearings.

Glue and paint will be required, transfers included

Additional parts to enable the vehicle to be modelled incorporating modifications made to the prototypes during their working life are included where appropriate.