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PO279  Low Relief Department Store

PO279 Low Relief Department Store

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This is an impressive low-relief model to grace the background of an urban scene. It is an expandable kit that, with the addition of more kits, can built built into a truly great shop.

Each block, with its main window on the ground floor, are separate units. The corner unit can be turned either way to fit either end of the block.

This model could be built back-to-back with another to create a narrow, but believable, Georgian-style building, which is typical of many towns and cities in Britain.

The kit also contains laser cut detailing and the rotating door can be placed on the corner of the building, as illustrated above, or in place of one of the main windows.

The Department Store, as a single unit, can be mixed and matched with any of the other low-relief kits to create long and interesting street scenes.

Other low-relief high street buildings you might consider are:

Looking for something to stick this kit together with? We recommend Deluxe Materials DLAD-57 Roket Card Glue. To help prevent unwanted glue spills when constructing it is advisable to use a MEMT907 Fine Glue Applicator Bottle.

The corner unit can be turned either way to fit either end of the block.

Comes with a variety of doors/ window displays, signs and a working, laser cut revolving door.