HORNBY: Following the closure of the Canadian Hornby importer in 2023 we have contacted Hornby numerous times to secure continued supply of Hornby products to supply our Canadian customers. Unfortunately Hornby steadfastly refuse to communicate with us. Regretfully we have concluded that Hornby has no desire to support the Canadian market. As stocks of Hornby products are exhausted we are replacing these products with products from other manufacturers.

NOC-7460 NOCH Round Hay bales pack of 18 - OO Gauge

NOC-7460 NOCH Round Hay bales pack of 18 - OO Gauge


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Hay bales are hay pressed into round or rectangular bales. During the harvest season, huge hay bales can be seen in the fields. These are also available for decorating your model landscape. The hay bales in combination with the Natur + Kornfeld from NOCH (Item No. 07421) are ideally suited. A bale is about 1.5 cm long and have a diameter of 1 cm.

Hay is the dried aboveground biomass of grassland plants such as grasses, herbs and legumes. It usually serves as food for pets and pets. Delimitation is the hay of the straw. Straw is the dried aboveground biomass of threshing plants (cereals, legumes and oil plants) after threshing - after harvesting their seeds such as ears, pods, oilseed (Source: Wikipedia).