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MT907 Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicators (3)

MT907 Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicators (3)

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There is no doubt that modellers are enjoying these new laser-cut kits, and there is the promise of more to come.

One aspect of constructing these kits that perhaps was not so important before, is that the application of glue has to be carried out with extreme care to avoid unsightly glue spills showing on the finished model.

The recent release of the MT907 Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicators enables the modeller to accurately apply glue in just the right amount, in the right place.

The Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator allows for precise and controlled flow of liquid glue with extreme accuracy, perfect for use when building Metcalfe card kits, and almost essential when building the mini laser cut kits.

 Comes in a pack of 3 bottles.

Designed for use with glues and adhesives, best used with UHU all purpose solvent free adhesive or PVA. Do not use with liquids that contain solvents.

Glue not included.

Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years.