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76FB001 OXFORD DIECAST Vauxhall FB Victor

76FB001 OXFORD DIECAST Vauxhall FB Victor


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This classic saloon car represents the vehicle introduced by Vauxhall in 1961 and produced up to 1964.

It featured a standard three-gear column change with the option to upgrade to a floor mounted 4 speed synchromesh gearbox. Initially, an increased engine capacity of 1508 cc gave it a power output of 49.5 bhp and in 1963, the engine was enlarged to 1594 cc.

The FB saloon was available with four doors or as a five-door Estate version. The interior had a standard bench front seat, although if you bought the Super Victor, you had the option of individual seats.

Other options - believe it or not - included a heater, fog lamps, a radio, screen washers, reversing lights and seat belts - all things we take for granted in today's motoring world.

328,640 FBs were built.

This four door version is in Gull Grey and has a red roof.