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DLAC-22 DELUXE MATERIALS "STRIP Magic" paint remover 125mL

DLAC-22 DELUXE MATERIALS "STRIP Magic" paint remover 125mL


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A fast acting, spreadable, & controllable paint stripper that will soften and remove paints and primers, typically 5-15mins according to paint type.  May be used on plastic, metals, resin etc.

Softens and removes paint from plastic in minutes.

Non-corrosive and non-flammable


  • Mask off area.
  • Apply with brush or cotton bud and it goes to work straight away.
  • Allow paint to soften and check progress frequently.
  • Clean off softened paint residue as it forms with methylated spirit or isopropyl alcohol using a small brush or cotton bud.
  • Do not leave Strip Magic on bare surface of clean plastic for periods over 10 mins.

CAUTION: Become familiar with speed of action and always check on scrap plastic before use.

Note: Do not immerse plstic in Strip Magic or apply to bare plastic.