HORNBY: Following the closure of the Canadian Hornby importer in 2023 we have contacted Hornby numerous times to secure continued supply of Hornby products to supply our Canadian customers. Unfortunately Hornby steadfastly refuse to communicate with us. Regretfully we have concluded that Hornby has no desire to support the Canadian market. As stocks of Hornby products are exhausted we are replacing these products with products from other manufacturers.

DCS-S100 DCC Concepts 100 degree centigrade low temperature detail free flow solder

DCS-S100 DCC Concepts 100 degree centigrade low temperature detail free flow solder

DCC Concepts

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standard SN183 solder melts at 183 degrees centigrade.

Sapphire 100 is an exciting solder which is designed for use on white-metal and similar alloys. We worked hard to make sure that its composition coexists better with brass than conventional 70 degree low melt solders, so while tinning is still recommended for larger joints this solder will work without pre-tinning so it is not always essential for smaller parts.

Its low temperature gives the ability to solder quickly and well without heating up the white-metal too much. It reacts differently and it can be re-worked… Because unlike 70 degree solder it will not combine with the white-metal and produce a weak ‘sludge’, so joints end up stronger.

Clean the white metal properly and use a good flux and you will also find it has much better flow and needs less per joint than conventional WM solder! We hope you like the way we present it – we often find that with bar solders even we cannot tell which one is which, so we cast it into a shape that makes it impossible to forget.

Use DCCconcepts Sapphire flux with this solder for excellent results!