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CK16 WILLS Country Station Kit

CK16 WILLS Country Station Kit


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Country Station, Brick Built, With Platform

Area: 215 X 168mm

Give your station some class with this model of distinction.

The tile-hung walls are an unusual feature of the London, Brighton And South Coast Railway (LBSCR). Still to be found on stations such as Alton, Boxhill & Westhumble.

The Craftsman series from Wills offers the more experienced modeller a cost effective way to make large, highly individual models. They cover a range of typically British buildings both railway and domestic; each kit includes plastic moulded materials sheets, detailed parts, illustrated instructions and templates. The use of sheet materials rather than moulded parts for the main components allows the opportunity to easily modify the design to suit your needs. Should you wish to extend the building the same materials sheets are available separately (see the Wills Materials Pack range). Similarly it would be easy to add additional doors and/or windows if required.

Please note plastic kits require paint and glue to complete.