CC1010 Cooper Craft GWR Cattle Wagon W1/W5

CC1010 Cooper Craft GWR Cattle Wagon W1/W5


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These cattle wagons first entered service in 1888. Between introduction and 1904, 1260 were built, and they remained in service until at least the 1960s.

The wagons were originally provided with lever-brakes on one side only, and grease axleboxes. Later on in life (post-1902), many but not all carried DCIII vacuum brakes and oil type axleboxes (some being converted, others being newly built), as provided for in the kit. The non-vacuum types were given diagram W1, while the vacuum-braked types were diagram W5.

It was with this van that the use of a movable partition within the van ("S" for Small, "M" for Medium and "L" for Large) was patented, and later adopted by other companies so that one van could be used instead of the 3 sizes previously made available – such were the early steps in Swindon standardisation. This allowed users to be charged for the space they needed to use, rather than be charged for the size of van available at any given point in time.