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CC1002W COOPER CRAFT GWR 10T Loco Coal Wagon Kit

CC1002W COOPER CRAFT GWR 10T Loco Coal Wagon Kit


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This kit depicts the diagram N13 Loco Coal wagon of which over 280 were built between 1905 & 1907 to transport coal between the South Wales collieries and the G.W.R. Loco depots. They were made of sheet iron construction and over 400 rivets may be counted on the body alone of this kit.

Fitted with Dean-Churchward brake gear these wagons lasted into British Rail days.

Oil pattern round topped axle boxes were fitted for easier running.

No model loco depot should be without a couple of these useful wagons.

This kit comes complete with transfers, steel ballast weight, brass wheel bearings and wheels with metal tyres and pin point axles.

A simple tension lock coupling is provided as are bases for Hornby metal couplings and Peco Magni-Simplex couplings.