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C037 DAPOL 16 ton steel mineral wagon kit with metal wheels and transfers

C037 DAPOL 16 ton steel mineral wagon kit with metal wheels and transfers


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OO Gauge 16 Ton Steel Mineral Wagon 

 Kit will require assembly, plastic glue, painting and supplied transfers applying.

This Kit contains Couplings and Metal wheels.

The standard 16-ton mineral wagon was used in great numbers by British Railways in both fitted and unfitted (that is with vacuum brakes,) forms.

These all-steel wagons had largely replaced the earlier wooden planked wagons for the transport of coal and other minerals.

The former L.M.S. Railway produced the prototype wagon in 1945 and in 1947 production commenced at the Derby wagon works.

After the nationalisation of the railways the 16-ton wagon became British Railways standard design, and with few alterations, continued in production at Derby.

Various outside manufacturers also produce the wagon, with minor differences in construction and components, but to the same basic design.