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76VWS004 OXFORD DIECAST VW T1 van in light grey

76VWS004 OXFORD DIECAST VW T1 van in light grey


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Dating right back to 1950, the VW T1 was in production until 1967.

Officially known in Germany as the Transporter Kombi, it comprised a very roomy utility van which could be converted to a minibus or more popularly a camper van.

This model T1 Is registered AMO 426A from 1963.

It comes as a van and is decorated in a muted blue, typical of the period. Enhanced with silver exterior trim, note the white wheels!  The interior is moulded in a pale grey.

In real life, the T1 was the successor to VW’s Beetle and its longevity proves it has been equally successful and popular over the years.