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76TK016 OXFORD DIECAST Bedford TK Box Van "MacBraynes"

76TK016 OXFORD DIECAST Bedford TK Box Van "MacBraynes"


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The bright red MacBraynes livery featuring that fierce looking brawny Highlander,  brandishing his claymore in one hand and holding his shield in the other has been a firm favourite on miniature vehicles over the years.

 The contrasting colour on the model is different from the pale green we often associate with MacBraynes, particularly buses, which have already appeared in the Oxford ranges.  Here, the cab roof is white and the box van roof is masked in silver, while the company lettering along the sides and above the rear shutter door is finished in yellow.

The Bedford name and the famous Griffin logo feature on the front of the bonnet of our 1:76 scale vehicle, which is registered FYS 92T from 1978/79.

In real life the TK Box Van was produced from 1959 to 1986 under Bedford ownership and then between 1988 and 1992 under new owners AWD.

It was Bedford’s answer to the Ford D cargo van and was used extensively in all areas where commercial and military vehicles were needed. Its versatility saw it deployed as a box van, flatbed, troop carrier, tipper and recovery vehicle and it was a favourite with the GPO and fire brigades.

It appeared either as a rigid truck or as a separate light tractor unit where it could be attached to a semi-trailer.