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76MX003 OXFORD DIECAST Austin Maxi Harvest Gold

76MX003 OXFORD DIECAST Austin Maxi Harvest Gold


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This Austin Maxi, manufactured  between 1969 and 1981.

One of the most popular liveries of the original was in yellow gold colour.

Registered MFH 616P from 1975/76, the logo on the back shows its pedigree as the Maxi 1750 HLS which in real-life sported a twin-carburettor offering high performance for its day, including a top speed of 97 mph.

The interior is brown while the exterior sports silver trim to door handles, wheels, bumpers, window surrounds and along the waist of the car. The radiator grille is also silver with a wiped black finish. Note too, the black and red Maxi 1750 badge embedded into the centre of the radiator.  

 The Austin Maxi was manufactured first by Austin and then continued under British Leyland. 

Classed as a medium sized family car with a five door hatchback configuration and fitted with a five-speed gearbox, the Austin Maxi was the last car designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. Assembled at the Cowley Works, Oxford, it incorporated some unusual features whereby the back seat folded back as well as forward. Even the front seats reclined. Just the ticket during a run out after Sunday lunch – just park up in a spot with a view, wind the windows down to get some fresh air and have forty winks!