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MGA roadster appears as a convertible in an unusual grey colour scheme with contrasting red seats.

The external bodywork features a bright chrome trim to window frames, bumpers, front grille, front lights and petrol cap. Note too the MG badge in the centre of the boot lid,

Our MGA is registered 553 YUP.

One feature to note on our 2-door roadster model is the lack of exterior door handles, just like the real thing.

It was BMC's 2-door coupé version that had door handles - an interesting fact for the many of you with an eye for detail and level of authenticity.

The car, launched in 1955, nearly didn't make it as BMC's Chairman Leonard Lord had just signed a deal with one of the other great sports car names of the era - Donald Healey - on a joint deal to manufacture the Austin Healey.

Fortunately, for MGA fans, declining sales in its predecessors made him change his mind and the car - promoted as the first of a new line - emerged from the MG BMC works at Abingdon with a Sports Car classification.

Its streamlined body and associated modifications were the refined results of a previous creation from MG's designer Syd Enerver. 

The test car cost £844 including taxes.

Between 1955 and its final production in 1962, various modifications were made to increase performance of the MGA which then led to it entering the competition world, including racing at Le Mans.

It was also a very popular motor in the USA both on the road and on the race circuit right into the new millennium.

In fact, more MGA models were exported than were purchased on the UK market, where of the 101,000 produced, just under 6000 were sold at home.

Following the end of MGA production, the marque was succeeded by the MGB, which is also part of the Oxford series.