HORNBY: Following the closure of the Canadian Hornby importer in 2023 we have contacted Hornby numerous times to secure continued supply of Hornby products to supply our Canadian customers. Unfortunately Hornby steadfastly refuse to communicate with us. Regretfully we have concluded that Hornby has no desire to support the Canadian market. As stocks of Hornby products are exhausted we are replacing these products with products from other manufacturers.

76JEN001 OXFORD DIECAST Jensen 541R Imperial crimson

76JEN001 OXFORD DIECAST Jensen 541R Imperial crimson


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Manufactured between 1957 and 1960 and designed by Jensen's designer Eric Neale, only 193 541R's were made

The exclusivity distinctive and attractive shape, glass fibre body and top speed capability of 125 mph earned it rave reviews by the motoring press, which classed the 541R as the fastest four-seater coupe of the time.