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76J27002 Oxford Rail J27 0-6-0 Class J27 "65837" Early BR totem

76J27002 Oxford Rail J27 0-6-0 Class J27 "65837" Early BR totem

Oxford Rail

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 Designed by Wilson Worsdell, the NER P3 class would later be reclassified under the LNER to J27. The J27 was a modification of the earlier NER P2 (LNER J26), the biggest changes were in the depth of the firebox and shallower sloping grate. 115 engines in total were built and over their working careers received many modifications. The class were built to handle long distance freight and mineral trains but were soon displaced once larger engines started to be built. The design proved to be robust and a very capable workhorse, pulling heavy coal trains, with the last J27 being withdrawn in September 1967. Only one example survives of the class still suvives; number 65894 which was purchased by the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group directly from BR on 1st December 1967.

Our model will feature accurate details to correctly represent this model during the early BR period