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76FT1002 OXFORD DIECAST Ford Transit Mk1 Post Office Telephone

76FT1002 OXFORD DIECAST Ford Transit Mk1 Post Office Telephone


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Post Office Telephones vans are in a category of their own when it comes to collecting and the signature green colour scheme used for many years is possibly the most loved.

Here we see the livery used on a Ford Transit Mk 1, registered PMG 90E from 1967.

The Ford Transit Mk 1 was introduced by Ford Europe in 1965 and has remained a leading Ford vehicle even to this day, with over 8 million coming off the production to date. Its versatility is testament to its longevity.

The Post Office Telephones van with white lettering on the two cab doors indicates that it is assigned to the Telephone Manager in Bradford.

Additional decoration comprises the colourful and well detailed Royal Crown on the side panels on both sides of the van. The chassis, steering wheel, window surrounds, radiator and the interior are all black, while the wheels hubs are white with silver wheel inserts.

The model is rounded off with authentic roof ladder and ladder rack in preparation for telephone repair work up those telegraph poles!