HORNBY: Following the closure of the Canadian Hornby importer in 2023 we have contacted Hornby numerous times to secure continued supply of Hornby products to supply our Canadian customers. Unfortunately Hornby steadfastly refuse to communicate with us. Regretfully we have concluded that Hornby has no desire to support the Canadian market. As stocks of Hornby products are exhausted we are replacing these products with products from other manufacturers.

MOD-5057 MODELSCENE-Passengers Standing-Set A - OO Gauge

MOD-5057 MODELSCENE-Passengers Standing-Set A - OO Gauge


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Modelscene Figures & Accessories are fully coloured / painted and ready to use.

Figures to add to your station or street scenes.

 A must for stations and looking in shop windows in the village or town or standing at a bus stop outside the station