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4F-060-007 DAPOL Grampus wagon DB990488 in BR black

4F-060-007 DAPOL Grampus wagon DB990488 in BR black


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The grampus wagon was the principal open wagon for the engineering departments of BR from the early 1950s to the early 1980s.

The wagon design itself was extremely versatile with drop down sides and removable end planks. It was used for moving everything from engineering supplies to ballast and sleepers and even signal posts, which could be carried on overlapping wagons by removing the end planks.

Nearly 4800 wagons were built between 1951 and 1961 across several design variations and were used by all regions of BR.

They were finally decommissioned to make way for sturdier all steel open wagons which could withstand better the heavy usage of the more modern civil engineering machinery.

These model IKA Megafret wagons are highly detailed and will be a great addition to your rolling stock.


  • Profiled wheels
  • Accurately applied livery
  • NEM pockets with self-centring couplers
  • Finely moulded body and chassis with two design variations