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MRC-0001415 MRC Handheld for Prodigy Advance 2 "Squared"

MRC-0001415 MRC Handheld for Prodigy Advance 2 "Squared"


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The Express system is fully compatible with MRC's full-feature Prodigy Advance system.

Upgrade your Express system to include all the extra features found with the Advance system by simply adding a Prodigy Advance cab to the Express base station. Since you'd need to have more than one cab to add a second operator anyway, this is a very easy upgrade; however, for the throttles to work properly, be sure to assign each cab its own address, as explained in the owner's manual.


  • Program all CV's
  • Two or Four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available)
  • Advanced and Universal consisting
  • Simultaneously run multiple throttles
  • Program CV's on the main
  • Program on the main or on the program track
  • Recall and stack features
  • Decoder Readback
  • Set handheld for "yard" mode or "mainline" mode
  • Turnout Routing
  • Accessory button
  • Fast Clock with adjustable ratios
  • Handheld with: Back lit display