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76LAN2008 OXFORD DIECAST Land Rover Series 2 LWB Dublin Fire

76LAN2008 OXFORD DIECAST Land Rover Series 2 LWB Dublin Fire


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The Series II Land Rover was introduced in 1958 and was manufactured until 1961, when it was replaced by the IIA.

Whereas the Series I had flat sides, the Series II can immediately be identified with the rounded side panels, which allowed for the wider track of the vehicle. Coming in Short and Long Wheelbases with numerous body combinations including fixed roofs, canvas roofs, open tops, station wagons etc.

This long wheelbase Land Rover makes a useful support vehicle. Registered LYI 850, as used by the Dublin Fire Brigade, the model is decorated in all over red with contrasting silver masking. The interior is moulded in red with grey seating and a black steering wheel.

The Brigade's multi-coloured crest features on both doors and the realistic front grille, complete with detailed Land Rover badge, is masked matt black with silver overlay.

Another final detail is the blue beacon in the centre of the roof above the windscreen.