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DA4F-011-029 DAPOL Ventilated Van LMS Bauxite  "155020"

DA4F-011-029 DAPOL Ventilated Van LMS Bauxite "155020"


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Ventilated vans were the primary way of transporting perishable goods quickly and efficiently and yet maintaining their contents in peak condition.

All four of the pre-nationalised rail companies had their own particular designs but each shared the same basic principles of having a wooden body with ventilators, which allowed a constant flow and circulation of fresh air around their cargo.

Dapol have modelled the GWR and LMS ventilated vans, the LMS version had a steel corrugated end, whilst the GWR was traditionally planked.

Ventilated vans from all four companies survived into nationalisation until BR eventually standardised its own version and these were in use until the 1960s at which time longer vans with wider door ways to allow pallet access were introduced.

Many ventilated vans from all companies survive into preservation.