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HF-2 Gaugemaster Track Cleaner         

HF-2 Gaugemaster Track Cleaner         


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HF-2 Gaugemaster Track Cleaner      

The 12v DC controlled output from the controller is passed through the unit. Connection between unit, power source, controller and track is achieved via a ten terminal connection (4 for track 1, 4 for track 2 and two for 16v AC power). The unit superimposes a harmless high frequency signal over the output from the controller.

When a poor contact between locomotive and rail is detected, the unit switches on, ionising the gap and burning off the dirt, switching off again when contact is restored. Compatible with GMC-SS1 and GMC-SS2.

(For any DC Double Track Layouts). 

This item is designed for an analogue layout only, Requires 16Vac power unit.

Please note: These units are NOT DCC Compatible.