DCC R8145 Trackmaster Software

DCC R8145 Trackmaster Software

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DCC R8145 Trackmaster Software

Planning a model railway layout can be an incredibly daunting task, conjuring up nightmares of graph paper, protractors, compasses and a degree of wasted time when the geometry does not work! But not anymore!

The program already has all the Hornby TrakMat pack layouts pre-installed - from the simple oval to the complete TrakMat layout - as well as a selection of full size track circuits for those who require an instant track design.

Hornby Track-Master has been designed to work with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The straightforward 5 “pull down” menus cover Hornby straights, curves, points, special track pieces and platforms.  By clicking on the desired track pieces and dragging them into position a layout can quickly form.

The “snap” fixing as the tracks come together ensures that each piece is locked into position.  If the geometry does not work then simply click the track piece and move it to one side and continue with the layout building.

Once the plan is complete a “shopping list” of the track required is produced as well as a drawing of the complete layout.

For 00 Gauge Layouts.

Internet activation required to access all Track-Master features.