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CC1011 COOPER CRAFT GWR Q1 Provender Wagon Kit

CC1011 COOPER CRAFT GWR Q1 Provender Wagon Kit


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These very large open wagons were used distribute feed, hay and straw from the large GWR Provender stores at Didcot to GWR depots and stations across the system. 

Up until the last war every station had its own horse for moving wagons and for deliveries and the provision of feed stuffs for these animals was a constant traffic. 

The Q1s were purpose built for this task between 1884 and 1903 and lasted in use until the demise of horses.

This kit contains transfers, steel ballast weight and pinpoint bearings plastic wheelsets. Tension lock couplings are provided, a are bases for fitting Peco Magni-Simplex couplings, three link couplings can also be fitted.

Metal wheels with 2mm brass bearings may be substituted if desired.