C502 B-T MODELS Riley Pathfinder in red & cream - UNBOXED

C502 B-T MODELS Riley Pathfinder in red & cream - UNBOXED

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The Austin A40 is a small, economy car introduced by Austin in saloon (1958) and A40 Countryman (1959) estate versions.

It has a two -box body configuration. It was badged, like many before it, as an A40, consistent with Austin's naming scheme at the time, based on the approximate engine output in horsepower; and to distinguish it from other A40 models, it was also given a suffix name – this one being the Farina, so named, reflecting the all-new design by Italian Battista Farina's Pinin Farina Turin studio.

Austin had been merged into the British Motor Corporation  (BMC) in 1952 and – unusually for BMC at the time – the A40 Farina was sold only as an Austin and not rebadged for sale under any other BMC brands.

The Farina was both the first Austin A40 not named after a county of England, as well as the last in the line of Austin A40s.

The 1959 A40 Countryman version stands out by its layout as a small estate car with an upward (and downward) opening tailgate, and is therefore viewed as one of the earliest examples of a volume production hatchback.