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C033 DAPOL Scammel Scarab (Plastic kit)

C033 DAPOL Scammel Scarab (Plastic kit)


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Since it's inception in 1933 the Scammell Mechanical Horse has become one of the most familiar sights in Urban Districts throughout the world, and has long established an excellent reputation for all-round efficiency & economy.

The Scarab motive unit & trailer can turn in less than it's own length and manoeuvre into positions inaccessible to any other type of vehicle.

The Scammell automatic coupling gear enables one tractor to operate with multiple trailers, so that the tractor can be constantly working, hauling one trailer while additional trailers are being loaded or unloaded.

The two versions of the Scarab & trailer which can be produced from this construction kit are examples of the variety of operators of the Scammell system.

The British Railways vehicle, with it's fifteen-foot flatbed trailer is typical of the thousands used for transporting railway containers and other loads over fairly short distances.

The second choice, the Watney's beer trailer is a more socialised instance. Used for local  bulk delivery of beer, the trailer has three barrels, each consisting of a steel tank. Each tank holds six barrels, giving a total capacity of 648 gallons.

This kit will require assembly, painting and supplied transfers applying and a suitable plastic glue will be required.