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87DS46002 DeSoto Suburban 1946 48 San Francisco Taxi (Godfather)

87DS46002 DeSoto Suburban 1946 48 San Francisco Taxi (Godfather)

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The DeSoto Suburban 1:87 scale adds to the series of American Classic cars. 

The DeSoto Suburban was first made in the USA post World War II in 1946, modelled on the car manufacturer’s previous long wheelbase DeSoto cars.

However the design of this one was very different from its predecessors. It had four doors and could seat eight people, which had great appeal for families and also provided an opportunity for use as a taxi cab.

Weighing nearly two tons, the DeSoto was powered by a Chrysler inline 6 cylinder engine, promising a smooth ride for its occupants.

Most DeSotos were fitted with a luggage rack at production stage, providing an additional luggage facility.

The San Francisco Taxi is decorated in the familiar US taxicab yellow but sporting bright red masking to the  front and rear wings, the external trim is finished in silver and the windows all feature a pale grey tint.

The taxi is promoting its fare tariff on the front doors whilst the roof carries the TAXI lightbar. Registered CAL 46 10 K 950,   a final detail sees the interior moulded in brown.

This model is tooled up on the 1946 version of the DeSoto Suburban, which in real life continued in production until 1954.