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76SFT005 OXFORD DIECAST Standard Flying 12 pastel green

76SFT005 OXFORD DIECAST Standard Flying 12 pastel green


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The Flying 12 was introduced at the Motor Show in October 1935 with a 1,609cc (12hp) four-cylinder side-valve engine producing 44bhp and driving through a 4-speed box.

The car was sophisticated, quiet and well-mannered but it soon became clear that the performance was lacklustre thanks to a heavy body on a weighty chassis.

Within a year the factory had designed a much lighter chassis for what is today known as the Light 12, but it was to take rather longer to develop a suitably lightweight body which would offer the space and the comforts that Standard desired.

Built towards the end of 1938, this unique Flying 12 Super is believed by the Standard Motor Club to be the sole survivor of six cars made which featured an experimental body on a 1938 chassis to appraise it for full-scale production which was planned for the following year.