76RN003 OXFORD DIECAST  Renault 4 in blue

76RN003 OXFORD DIECAST Renault 4 in blue


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After the cream launch model and then a red version,  this latest release appears in probably the most recognised  Renault 4 colour scheme -  mid blue, dating from 1967 and registered PXD 924F.

An iconic car from the 1960s era, the Renault 4 was very versatile, being produced in a variety of formats.

With a top speed of 65 mph, you could choose from either a 3-speed or 4-speed gearbox.

It was popular not only as a small family car with four doors but also as a van, an estate and a pick-up.

Against the exterior body colour of this model, the pale grey interior and seating is an effective contrast, as is the silver trim to the exterior headlights, wheel hubs, door handles and bumpers.

In real life, the indomitable Renault 4 went on in production right into the 1990s and many are still running around today!