76RM110 OXFORD DIECAST AEC Routemaster "Black Prince" - unboxed

76RM110 OXFORD DIECAST AEC Routemaster "Black Prince" - unboxed


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Black Prince was founded as a coach hire firm 1969 by Brian Crowther, a former employee of British Rail.  Its name was inspired by Edward, the Black Prince, a statue of whom stands in the centre of Leeds.

In 1986, deregulation introduced on-road competition local bus service operation.

Black Prince moved into scheduled service operation, launching a number of routes centred on Morley in competition with Yorkshire Rider.

A variety of second-hand vehicles were acquired to operate the routes, and a livery of red and yellow introduced.

By 2004, Black Prince operated a fleet of 40 vehicles on a network of routes around Leeds, with an annual turnover of almost £3 million. Many of its routes competed with Yorkshire Rider's successor First Leeds.