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202 Cattle Dock (N Gauge)

202 Cattle Dock (N Gauge)

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A common feature of country stations large and small, whilst market town cattle docks could be very large indeed.

Most country stations had a cattle pen, this model is of the one at Yeovil Pen Mill (GWR) Station, Somerset, extensions are simple to construct.

Livestock (See Modelscene Cows Ref. 5179, Sheep and Lambs Ref. 5177, Pigs Ref. 5176, and Horses Ref. 5178) was conveyed on British railways until around 1973, although many cattle docks remained in place unused, becoming overgrown - an interesting scenic feature.

Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting and/or weathering can add realism; glue is required to complete this model.

Footprint 90mm x 55mm