Updated Mar 22, 2017



Manufacturer Cat. No. Description Price

BACHMANN 44-007 Red Brick Single Road Engine Shed $60,00

44-008 Red Brick Water Tower $38,00

44-045 T.P.O. Apparatus $40,00

44-089 Sheffield Park Station Canopy $66,00

44-216 Low Relief High street Store $52,00

44-218 Low Relief Modern Town houses  $32,00

44-236 Low Relief  Railway Hotel The Caledonian $44,00

44-239 Low Relief 3/4 View Church $69,00

44-240 Low relief Fire Station $60,00


R8716 Upper Skaledale Main Building $37,00

R8717 Upper Skaledale Waiting Room $37,00

R8761 Modern Telephone Box               x 2 off $7.00ea

R8790 Cattle Dock $17,00

R9671 GWR Water Column & Crane $26,00

R9833 Corner Pub $35,00

Metcalfe  Cat. No. Description Price

PO205 Low Relief Pub & Shops SOLD

PO206 Low Relief Cinema & Shops $23,00

PO210 Paving Slabs                                     Two in Stock $17,00

PO213 Double Track Engine Shed $33,00

PO226 Parish Church  (Re-Designed Version) SOLD

PO227 Water Tower & Sand House $18,00

PO228 Coaching  Inn SOLD

PO233 Signal Box SOLD

PO234 Island Platform Building $28,00

PO235 Stone Platform SOLD

PO236 Footbridge SOLD

PO237 Country Station SOLD

P0238 Stone Built Wayside Station SOLD

PO239 Stone Built Wayside Station Shelter $25,00

PO244 Brick Retaining Wall SOLD

PO245 Stone Retaining Wall $26,00

PO246 Brick Railway Bridge                       Two in Stock                        $30,00

PO248 Brick Tapered Retaining Walls       Two in Stock                     $28,00

PO249 Stone Tapered Retaining Walls                         $27,00

PO251 Manor Farm Barn $24,00

PO254 Village Shop & Cafe $27,00

PO261 Red Brick Terrace Houses SOLD

PO262 Stone Terraced Houses                  $22,00

PO263 Red Brick Corner Shop SOLD

PO264 Stone Corner Shop SOLD

PO266 Semi Detached Houses SOLD

PO271 Low Relief Bank & Shop                 SOLD

PO272 Low Relief Red Brick Shop Fronts SOLD

PO273 Low Relief Stone Shop Fronts SOLD

PO275 Stone House Fronts SOLD

PO276    Low Relief Red Brick Terrace House Backs $30,00

PO277    Low Relief Stone Terrace House Backs      Two in Stock $30,00

PO279 Low Relief Department Store                       $34,00

PO282 Warehouse $29,00

PO283 Small Factory $29,00

PO320 Mainline Station SOLD

PO321 Parcels Office $39,00

PO322 Island Platform Building $39,00

PO330 GWR Signal Box SOLD

PO331 Red Brick Single Track Engine Shed SOLD

PO340 Platform Canopy                                        $37,00

PO341 Wall Backed Platform                                Two in Stock $39,00

PO400 Platform Underpass $16,00

PO410 Pavilion $16,00

PO421 Low Relief Half Timbered Shop Front $20,00

PO501 GWR Station Benches SOLD

PO502 Platform Benches SOLD

PO503 Park Benches                               Two in Stock $13,00

PO510 Picnic Tables                              $11,50

PO515 Station Clocks

PO517 Platform Kiosk                                           $14,00

PO572 Arcade Shop Front                           Two in Stock $16,00

M0054 Red Brick Builder Sheets                    SOLD

M0056 Tarmacadam  Sheets     (8 per kit) SOLD

MT907 Ultra Fine Glue Applicators                          Pack of Three $9,00